Looking Back: 2011

As I may have touched on before, 2011 was a difficult year for me personally. Professionally, it was a fabulous year. Balancing the two was something that I struggled with. Regardless, lots of amazing things happened last year & I believe no matter how rough, every day of every year is a gift. Here are a few of my favorite days from 2011.


I scored a couple of basketball tickets from a vendor...

And took Cory to his first KU game ever!

I've yet to be in Allen Fieldhouse & not gotten goosebumps. Love this team & this place.


One of the many reasons I love my job is because of all of the fabulous events I get to attend. This was one of my first fundraisers - so much fun!

My hot date.

Coworkers who have become good friends of mine. : )


My grandma, mom, sister & I took a trip to KC for the day to visit family. We had lunch & got pedis & had some great girl time.

Then they dropped me off at Megan's bachelorette party!

And in the process, met some really cool ladies! Fun night. : )


We celebrated my 25th Birthday! At first I was envisioning a big celebration in Kansas City (one of my favorite cities), but as it turns out, all I needed was my love. : ) And Whitney was icing on the cake! The fact that I celebrated this big birthday doing the exact things that I wanted to do, with the one person that matters the most to me turned out to be just what I needed. It drove home the fact that quality is better than quantity. This is a lesson I'm just beginning to learn at 25.

So we feasted on sushi...

And sang out hearts out w/Whitney at a super cool Chicago-style piano bar called Ernie Biggs in Westport...

And okay, we had a couple of drinks before we stumbled back to our hotel, The Q.

Which called for Bloody Marys the next morning.

Then we drove home & celebrated with the people that matter the most, our family.


I helped throw Quin & Joe a "Sip & See" for their new little man, Everett. I was in the company of some truly amazing women.

 I did something that I had been waiting six years to do - celebrate one of my best friends, Erica graduation!! Congratulations to Dr. Dorsey! (Who is now Dr. Mears - see next month.)

And we took our third (or fourth?) annual trip to Bull Schoals over Memorial Day.

I helped throw Erica a bridal shower...

With these fine ladies.

I went to Chicago for the first time and completely fell in love with the city.

Oh, and I accepted TWO awards for my company while I was at a conference there. Very rewarding!

The best part of June was when I got back from Chicago and found out the I was having a second nephew or niece (turned out to be a nephew).


We celebrated our one year anniversary by having a weekend staycation because I had to travel for work the following Monday.

We ate sushi (kind of a theme for us).

PS - How gorgeous is he??

I took Cory to the Director's Suite in the Old Town Warren for the first time.

We went antiquing (is this a real word?)

And celebrated with champagne & gifts!

(Cory's gift was the necklace he's wearing & my gift was an anniversary band - see my hand randomly sticking out in the picture)

We took our biennial trip to Montana. This is us getting ready for a hike.

The view from the top!

Spending time at Grandma's hous (which is a log cabin - love that).

And enjoying some adult beverages at the Swan Valley Annual Huckleberry Festival, of course.


Our first time at ZOOBILEE! So fun! Here I'm with my co-worker, Stacie & my girlfriend, Ashley & some super-fit jungle people.

Cory & one of his BFFs, Dylan

 Bahaha. Love this pic & love this lady.

And I cannot forget The Script concert - one of the best bands I've ever seen live. This is Alex (another BFF) & I at the show.


I attended the best dinner party ever, for my dear friend Kristine's 30th birthday. It was a black & white, French-themed soriee - so fancy! Her sister & a couple of family friends put this party together & it was top-notch. Such a fun evening with delicious food, lots of wine & good company.

The menu.

One of the chefs.

I tried to capture the ambiance of the room, but it was impossible.

The birthday girl!


Briggs' Baby Shower! My mom & I threw my sister a baby shower, with the help of my Grandma and her partner, Kim (they were our sous chefs). We hosted the party at Junior League Headquarters on a cold November afternoon, but there was so much love for Morgan & Briggs in the room that you (almost) couldn't tell it was so freezing outside.

Such a loved baby, even before he was here.


In December we celebrated two important birthdays (which happen to be on the same day - Dec. 15th):

Alex's 24th

Brodie's 4th

As I look back on 2011, I take the lessons that I learned with me into 2012 & cherish all of the memories that have been made. And I'll end this blog post with the same attitude as I ended the year:

And thank God that it does! : )

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