Our New Addition

Two weeks ago we lost our precious Coco and many of you followed our sad weekend through my blog. Your comments & prayers truly made a difference by helping us begin to heal, as it was encouraging to hear from so many others who had lost a pet.

Each day it has gotten easier to move past tears & towards happy memories of the short year & a half that we had with Coco.

Which brings to me to our little announcement.  

Meet Baby Winston.

He is the 3 month old chihuahua that we rescued from the Kansas Humane Society this weekend. A true baby. A NON-POTTY-TRAINED baby. : ) Have you noticed that I love my life complicated?

My sister called me last week to let me know that a litter of chihuahuas had just hit the humane society. Isn't she so sweet?? Looking out for her big sissy. : ) So we took the boys (Brodie, Briggs & Cory) up to visit & met Mr. Winston (which, was not his name at the KHS, by the way).

 Cory & I placed a hold on him, but waited a couple of days before deciding that we were ready to take on a puppy.

We are so happy that Winston is now a member of our family. Here are a couple of facts about him.

Winston is 4.89 pounds - precious!

Winston has taken over Coco's role of bossing Natty around the house.

Winston LOVES to cuddle w/his mama. He is a total mama's boy. (Happy Sigh...)

Here, on my lap.

He also cuddles w/his big sister - cutest thing ever!

We're doing things a little differently than we did with Coco, by kenneling Winston when we're gone & not letting him sleep overnight in bed with us. Those things are going very well.

 Potty-training...Not as easy with the cold weather & snow that we've had all weekend. Haha. But the process is teaching us paitence & discipline. Example - we were actually EARLY to boot camp this Saturday morning because we had to wake up at 7 a.m. to let Winston out. Normally we're about 5 minutes late.

Plus, this is just practice for a real baby some day, right??

Have a great Monday everyone!!


  1. Adorable new member so excited for you both

  2. He seems so sweet! Congrats - and love the name. :)

  3. Thank you both! Dog Lovers Rejoice!