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Is it just me or is 2012 flying by? How is it that I'm writing a March post?

Upon our return from Hawaii at the beginning of the year, we gained our second nephew, lost our first dog baby as a couple, I traveled for three crazy weeks in a row for work, began training for the Warrior Dash in May, planned or attended numerous work events, we decided to put our house on the market, got a new puppy...and all of this in the first 10 weeks of 2012.

 Cory & I at the Kansas Girl Scouts 100th Year Celebration called Cocktails & Cookies, where my company sponsored a table:

I'm going to take this time to take a big, deep breath.

Needless to say, I am 100% struggling w/my commitment to live a more balanced life this year. I honestly don't feel like I've had a moment to catch my breath. Fail. How did a year that started out so relaxing, turn into such a tornado?

 I haven't even posted a blog in two weeks because I haven't been inspired by anything. Which is just sad.

So from this day forward, I am renewing my 2012 committment to live a life more balanced!

Instead of just trying to keep balance in mind when making my decisions (which I actually have been doing for the past couple months, just not making good choices, apparently), I'm going to actually make a game plan. And I must give credit to my best friend, Alex, for suggesting this.

Step One: Make a list of all extra activities I'm currently involved in, including both personal & work (internal & external).
Step Two: Deteremine how much of my time goes to each activity. For instance, I'm involved in both the Junior League of Wichita and Public Relations Society of America. JLW requires a hefty amount of my time, while my involvement with PRSA is mainly a monthly luncheon.
Step Three: Decide which of these groups & activities I can really keep in my life. As much as I want to do it all (and the Lord knows I do), it's not fair to myself, my family & friends OR the organizations I'm involved in, if I can't give anyone or anything 100%.

So that will get me started. A couple other things I plan to do to help me lead a more balanced life:

- Continue to make my 5:30 a.m. work outs a priority. This has been hard over the past month, because it means getting to bed by 10:30.
- Cut back on the TV shows I DVR. Does anyone else feel like watching your DVRed shows is one more thing to check off of the To Do lists? Good Bye Real Housewives!
- Not initiate as many outings w/friends. Sometimes Cory & I only get one night a week alone together. I love our friends, but a girl needs some QT!

Ahhh...I feel more peaceful & balanced already. : )

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