Halloween 2012

Happy Halloween!

This year we had so much creativity flowing that we decided to wear three different costumes. I love brainstorming costume ideas with my husband every year (we always dress as a couple - see our past  costumes here) and the best part about this year was that we spent around $40 total.

I'm seriously becoming so frugal. 

Drum roll please...

Costume # 1 - Johnny Cash & June Carter

Worn to the Boo & Brew Bash on 10/20.

We spent $16 on Cory's wig from Kay's This & That and $8 on a pair of black Wrangler jeans from Walmart. Cory already owned the black shirt, shoes & guitar. I wore all of my own clothes (yes, I did have that pony dress in my closet already & have since decided to donate it to the D.A.V.) & borrowed a microphone from our niece, Madalynn.

Costume # 2 - The Duggars

This one was our personal favorite, worn to our friend Lindsay's 30th Birthday & Costume Party on 10/27.

We purchased the sweaters & FLOOR LENGTH JEAN SKIRT from the D.A.V. for less than $8 and the rest of the clothes were ours (Cory's jeans & our white oxford shirts). The name tags were $1.59 from Target, the basketball was my little step brother's and the outdated hairstyles were free. 

Not pictured: Our 19 Kids & Counting (yes, we did bring along 19 baby dolls - once again borrowed from Madalynn - without her knowing even), a stroller that we borrowed from my sister and white tights & black flats, which were my own.

 I must admit that I did have to indulge in a couple of drinks beforehand, but going to a bar in this costume proved to be HILARIOUS. I had so much fun. From dropping it like it was hot on the dance floor to having an accidental water break, I couldn't stop laughing all night.

Costume # 3 - Pretty Kitty

Worn at my office on 10/31.

Simple, comfortable & cute, all I had to do was "Meow" all day. I had the leggings, black ballet flats (not pictured) & shirt already, my co-worker Stacie brought me black face paint & the ears were $8 from Target. 

Now I'm off to trick or treat around our office w/my nephews before attending their church's Trunk or Treat event. Another good Halloween in the books. 

Enjoy your night!


  1. Accidental water break. I laughed out loud. :)

  2. I am so proud of your frugal-ness & your open heart to 19 children. I always knew you would have your fair share of children. ;)