30 Days

The other evening my step brother Michael, Alex & I were sitting around the kitchen table talking & we got on the topic of our bucket lists. For them, sky diving is something they've always wanted to do - me, not so much. So when they asked what was on my bucket list I told them that I had started one about a year ago & when I recently revisited it, I realized that one of the items that had been on it  had been completed in the past year without me realizing it.

Run a 1/2 Marathon

And another one was going to be completed very soon:

Move out of Kansas

Today marks the first of my last 30 days as a Kansas resident. 

It's a bittersweet feeling really. 

I can no longer push to the back of my mind that I can't drive down Maize Road to go see my sister & nephews whenever I want. I can't call my mom up on a Sunday & go see a movie with her. I can't invite my best friend over for wine & DVR after a long day. I won't be laughing with my favorite coworkers as a break from the daily grind.

It's really here.

As scary as the unknown may be, it is also SO EXCITING! I've waited my whole life for this. After a brief escape to Lawrence for college, I've been dreaming of the day that I would move again. And to have the love of my life by my side, just as excited as I am - well, that's just icing on the cake.

So for the next 30 days, I plan to soak up as much of what I love about Wichita as possible, starting with today.

Kate & I met my sweet friend, Desi for coffee at Cocoa Dolce. And I am praying there is a chocolate as good as  in Fort Collins or Denver, because I will severely miss my normal of a skinny caramel latte (truly the best in town, better than Starbucks!) & a salted caramel chocolate.

A couple of Cocoa Dolce tips: 

1. The coffee is even better when sipped from one of the in store mugs. So if you can stay & sit for awhile, do.

2. The bacon chocolate is ridiculously good. You must try it.

I also met my friend, Julie for lunch at Doc Green's. We've been friends since middle school & try to get together & catch up about every month. I just love this girl.

So much of what I love about this town that I was raised in is the people. I am so blessed to have a plethora of amazing family & friends in my life & they are truly what I'll miss the most about living here. 

But then again, they now have a Colorado connection & excuse to come visit! 


  1. There may not be bacon caramels & delicious caramel lattes in CO, but there is a whole lot more to offer. We will definitely be visiting you! :) Enjoy your last 30 days as a KS resident!

  2. I will help you soak up some Ta Town goodness my friend!!! Let's do it :)
    P.s. We should've taken a pic, too!

  3. Thanks Kate & Desi! After I took a pic at lunch I realized that we should have taken one this morning too. That just means we'll have to make another coffee date before I leave!