Winston is One!

Happy Birthday, Baby Winston!

For his birthday we went on a long, fun walk in the park. You have to look closely to see Winston in this picture (bottom right).

Then we went to Pet Smart & got him a little fleece for his upcoming Colorado residency. Winston wasn't a big fan of Pet Smart, he pretty much shook the whole time, so I had to hold him. Lesson learned. But he actually doesn't mind the fleece...I think.

On another note, I saw dog booties. So, I win, Cory. They DO make them.

Then we had a little birthday party, snacks & all!

- Upper Left: The party peeps (or pups).
- Upper Right: Natty's treat.
Lower Left: Leon's treat (Winston patiently waiting in the background).
Lower Right: Winston's share!

Happy Saturday!

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  1. Didn't see Winston in the first pic until you pointed him out!