Wine & Tapas

Last night Cory & I braved the cold to go to a bistro in Old Town called International Appetite, where we sampled our fair share of red wine & delicious tapas. We tried the gyoza, antipasti, roasted potatoes with Asian BBQ dipping sauce & the meatball sausage skewer w/dipping sauce special + finished with a dessert of a warm double chocolate brownie & black berry brandy ice cream.

We were not disappointed. Yum.

And when I say "braved the cold" I mean it & I want credit. It was 13 degrees outside last night! Brrr.

Here's what I wore:

The scarf & blazer were purchased from a little boutique in Chelsea. (I loved typing that)
The tank is from Pac Sun., the leggings are from Dillards & the booties are from Target.

The blazer is the most expensive thing I have on & I'm thinking that it was under or around $50. Just call me a bargain shopper! 

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