February 22, 2013

Chicken Noodle

Awww...the perfect meal for a perfect snow day is none other than chicken noodle soup. 

Last night we holed up for the evening in our little apartment, with snow falling all around.

And made this declicous, healthy & easy dinner. Directions below:

Step One: Cook chicken breasts.

Step Two: Chop up veggies (carrots,celery & a white onion) & throw them in a pot along with a couple shakes of garlic salt, italian seasoning, pepper (lots of it!) & 40 oz. chicken broth.

We bought this garlic salt from a local store in Old Town - such a cute little spice shop!

Step Three: Cut cooked chicken breasts & add them to the pot.

Step Four: Bring to boil & reduce to simmer & let sit until veggies are cooked (approximately 20 minutes). Add frozen noodles in according to the directions (we put ours in for about 10-15 minutes after we've reduced the heat to a simmer, cooking them for @ 5-10 minutes).

Step Five: Serve & Enjoy!

We enjoyed ours with a fire last night.

Do you have a chicken noodle recipe I should try? Leave it in the comments!

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  1. I use a very similar recipe - in my mind it's not good to steer from excellence! We enjoyed chicken noodles on Wed night!