March 13, 2013

Being Thankful For What We Have

I got the idea for this post yesterday morning as I approached the stoplight into Centerra,  a stoplight that I turn at every morning going to work. Except this morning there was a seemingly homeless man on the meridian. I rolled down my window & shouted (since my music was up way too loud) that I was sorry that I didn't have more cash on me.

I handed him the $2 I had & he looked me in the eyes with sincerity and thanked me. And then I started crying.

You see, earlier that morning Cory & I had been going over our budget. We love to travel, dine out, go to concerts & the mountains, etc. We also have some financial goals that we would like to accomplish and therefore, we really need to begin making some sacrifices in our lifestyle.

As much as Cory tried to cheer me up, I still left the house in a bad mood. It's no fun to limit the things that I love - traveling, shopping, eating out & drinks with friends, even if I know it's for the greater good of our financial future & family.

And after seeing the homeless man's gratitude for my $2.00, I felt so ashamed of my attitude.

Things can always, always be worse. And while many people have more than we do, many more have less. A reminder every now & then is a blessing from God.

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  1. Love reading your blog...Sometime wakeup calls come in the nick of time :)