April 3, 2013

Fort Collins - Month Three

It has come to my attention that some of my closest friends & family were a bit skeptical about our move to CO. Mainly because of, well, me and my aversion to, well:

Driving in rain, sleet, snow & ice - anything but sunshine, really
Hiking boots
Cold weather in general
Bike riding as a form of serious transportation

And I must admit that, well, they were right. Ha! 

We went on our first hike this weekend with the pups & I decided to wear head to toe black Lululemon. The only skin showing was on my face & hands. Did I mention that it was in the 70s? On the mountains. Close to the sun.

Before we left the house I asked Cory why he kept laughing at my "hiking outfit" & he just said that I was a very stylish hiker. 

Lesson learned: About 30 minutes in I was sweating to death. 

But while I'm still not sold on hiking boots (I just CAN'T wrap my mind around them), I really did enjoy hiking. When the sun is shining & I'm up in the mountains w/my husband & our little pups - what's not to love?

As for driving in bad weather, loving the cold & biking to work? Well, don't expect to see me doing those things anytime soon. 

Happy Hump Day!

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