July 26, 2013

Friday Favs

Happy Friday Everyone! Here are my favorite five things this week:

1. Yoga

I went back to hot yoga this week for the first time since we moved to CO, and I had completely forgotten how wonderful it makes my body feel. 

2. Being able to spend time with my dad & Terrie when they visited Fort Collins this week. 

3. This Quote. 

Too often we focus on the negatives in life: what we are lacking, our flaws, the mean things people have said. This week I've made it a point to let those things go & focus on the positive side: all of the good qualities in myself & others, the way things are going right and appreciating what I have, knowing that I could have it much worse. This has made all the difference!

4. Finding my "hair home" in Fort Collins! 

Third times a charm, apparently, as this was the third stylist I've tried before finding a good fit. My friend, Erin, has been going to Europa, an Aveda salon & I finally gave it a try. Needless to say, I am very pleased!

5. Running

That's right, next week we are back at it again, beginning to prep for our second half marathon in October. I learned my lesson about overtraining last time, and decided to go with a super simple 12 week training program that I stumbled upon in SELF magazine this summer. Bonus - it's the same one Ellie Goulding used this year & she rocks!

Have a wonderful weekend!

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