August 17, 2013

Choosing Positivity

Over the past, I don't know, five years or so I've really put work into trying to be a more positive person. You see, I tend to get real negative, real quick if I don't watch myself. 

*Side Note: I believe this is mostly due to the male role models I had growing up, which is why I believe it is SO IMPORTANT to practice and preach positivity around and to children. End Side Note*

Knowing that is my natural tendency, I try to remind myself to find the positive in each situation and person I encounter. I'm always searching for "the lesson" behind the things that happen in my life.

Even though I've made a habit of this, some days it just comes easier than others. For instance, Fridays. Those are usually the days where it is easy to live life light-hearted and laugh off issues. Tuesdays, for example, not so much. On days that are a little harder, I allow myself to be easily offended and absorbed by my massive problems (you know, the ones that by Friday are no more than a little pebble on the beach of life).

So what would happen if I constantly CHOSE to be positive. 

Work issue? A lesson for the future!  
Rude comment from a family member? Haha - that sounds like your problem, not mine!
Running late for cycle? Making a grand entrance!

Yes, these are little things, but when we take them to a negative place we tend to blow them up and then they may even consume our whole day. So why not chose to make life a little easier on ourselves and attempt to stay positive, at all costs?

PS - I'm writing this on a Friday, so check in with me to see how it's going on Tuesday. : )

Happy Weekend!

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