August 8, 2013

Wah Wah

I'm officially putting my virtual foot in my mouth. 

Cory and I have decided NOT to run the half marathon this October. You know, just two days after my first training post. 

I should have known better - I wasn't mentally fully committed, but really loved the training plan I found, and so I got sucked in. But the truth is, my heart is just not in training for another half this year. I would still love to do a Rock 'n' Roll half one day and I would also like to run a half in my new home state, just not this year. 

So I get one big F for fail on this one. 

The silver lining? Because there always is one. Fort Collins is getting it's first Pure Barre studio this month, and I've purchased a five week unlimited package, so I'm setting a goal to make it 20 times in 5 weeks (four times a week). 25 would be a bonus. 

So onward and upward I go to focus on Pure Barre (and overall 2013 weight loss) goal. 

I hope you have a fitness goal to focus on too and if not, go get yourself one! 

Happy Friday!

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