30 Weeks Until Thirty

In thirty weeks I will be 30 years old. Another decade under my belt. A new era in my life. 

Holy shit. 

Really though, I'm pretty pumped about this milestone birthday. And true to my Type A-self I have begun the preparations. In the next 30 weeks I aspire to check off the following list, in no particular order:

1. Take Surf Lessons
2. Write the First Chapter 
3. Be a Better Listener* 
4. Climb a 14-ner
5. Hit Class 200 at Pure Barre
6. DIY Some Shit
7. Do a Back Handspring
8. Play an April Fool's Joke
9. Begin Blogging Again*
10. Read One Book Each Three Weeks*
11. Pay Off One Specific, Irritating Debt
12. Purchase My First Piece of Real Art (not from Bed, Bath and Beyond)
13. Create a Vision Board
14. Be More Organized*
15. Walk Dogs Daily*
16. Understand Diabetes Care
17. Continue Cory's Grandma's Wreath Tradition
18. Commit to Yoga for 30 Days Straight
19. Create a Morning Routine*
20. Figure Out Where My Time Goes and Adjust According to Priorities
21. Start a Special Tradition w/Each of My Favorite Babies - Brodie, Madalynn, Briggs, Braylie and Zoey
22. Photo Storage - Figure It Out
23. Meditate*
24. Get More Writing Published
25. Keep Consistent Gratitude Journal*
26. Clean Up Social Media Accounts (Hello, 2004!)
27. Visit Another Hawaiian Island
28. Elevate Mindfulness*
29. Entertain More
30. Conquer a Fear

* Highlights a habit

Think you may have seen something like this from me before? You're right. Check out my original post from 2013: http://alifewithluster.blogspot.com/2013/10/30-by-30.html 

So...have you read The Secret? I haven't focused on any of these goals over the past two years, but somehow I've managed to cross almost half of them off of my list. Isn't it amazing what we can accomplish once we put it out into the universe? 

List Created in 2013:

1. Write a book.
2. Own a home - again, and this time, make it one that we really feel a connection to.
3. Learn how to surf.
4. Be a better listener.
 5. Holidays - Find meaningful ways (to us) to celebrate.
6. Develop a healthy diet & exercise lifestyle. (Yep, still giving this one a go.) 
7. Try my hand at styling, starting with friends.
8. Learn photography basics.
9. Then learn photoshop basics.
10. Master my mani.
11. Become a better cook, including overcoming my fear of chicken.
12. Develop a clear sense of home decor style & begin creating a home environment that I'm absolutely in love with. Every detail.
13. Practice yoga regularly.
14. Learn about wine & cheese pairing.
15. Blog - Find my niche, even if that niche is just writing to update my friends & family.
16. Be a better dog owner.
17. Pay more attention to men's fashion, for Cory's sake.
18. Think of ways to be a cool aunt.
19. Deepen my knowledge and appreciation for craft beer. (Yes, this is a real goal people.)
 20. Complete a mini-triathalon.
21. Have my writing published in a magazine.
22. Be okay with less.
23. Be on a career path that I love and can see a future in.
24. Find more ways to connect with family.
25. Follow a budget. For reals.
26. Become a better snowboarder.

27. Smile & look strangers in the eye.
28. Create more traditions.
29. Pay down our debt (student loans I've got my eye on you).
30. Finish what I start, or don't start it.

There ya have it, folks! I'm back to blogging and hope that if you know me or like what I'm doing that you'll follow along.

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