When the Stars Align

Our history with Hawaii starts before Cory was born. Cory's grandpa, Tom Dinell moved to the island to raise his family in the 50's. So Cory's dad grew up on Oahu and then Cory's mom moved there for college - they met, got married and along came the man we all know and love, born in Kailua at Castle Medical Center.

When we began dating in high school, Hawaii became a part of my life as I began receiving gifts from Cory's yearly travels - a box of fresh pineapples from the Dole Plantation one year, a personalized coconut the next (a gift I still have to this day). With members from both sides of his family still living out there, he got to visit for lengthly periods and often.

My first visit came in 2009, about a year after we had gotten engaged and I immediately fell in love with the island. We visited again every other year for the next eight years.

During our 2012 visit we hiked a popular light tower path one morning. On the hike we passed a pregnant mama who was pushing her toddler in a stroller up the hill. It was such a little thing, but it sparked my brain with this romantic notion of one day raising a little family on the island. This is a moment that has stayed with me.

Later that year when I had the opportunity to move to Colorado for work, we discussed the idea of moving to Hawaii instead. We told ourselves we could go just for a year and have fun, but ultimately we decided to stick with our Colorado plan because I enjoyed working for the company I was with and didn't want to give that up for the unknown.

Fast forward about six months after our move to Colorado and we were revisiting the idea of living on Hawaii again. We were struggling to make things work in Colorado, plus it was cold as shit. Eventually we both got jobs that we really enjoyed (a marketing agency for me and a coffee company for Cory), found our tribe and were able to really embrace life here. We fell in love with it.

And then...

The stars aligned.

This life in Colorado that we've spent the last four plus years building is so full and so fun and just downright amazing. We love this state. We love our community. We fit right into the culture here and we love life. 

But as they say, third times a charm. We got an opportunity in Honolulu that we simply can't resist. 

We are moving to Oahu this spring!

I plan to post more about the details of our move, but for now we are just so excited to share the news of our next adventure. 

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